Diagnosis & Repair

Cosmique Global Inc provides a consolidated platform that provides your computer the care, diagnostics and repair that your connected devices need. We fix everything. Call Toll Free for the best of the best support experience!

1. Fix Software and Hardware Errors
To ensure optimum performance our technicians will diagnose and troubleshoot any errors your software may throw up.
2. Resolve Compatibility Issues
At Cosmique Global Inc we take care of any issues of compatibility and software application conflicts that run on your computers and devices.
3. Reduce Computer Crashes
Identifying and fixing issues that may cause your devices to crash frequently is problematic. Get expert technical assistance at Cosmique Global Inc to tackle these issues.
4. Eliminate of Problem at the Root
Identify the root of the problem by embarking on a logical trouble shooting methodology that will help eradicate and rectify the problem permanently.
5. One-Stop Shop to fix all Technical Issues
Cosmique Global Inc is the one stop shop for all repairs and diagnostic issues for servers computers and its peripheral devices such as printers scanners routers and all their software applications. From fixing issues with Microsoft office or blue screen errors to network glitches we provide the fastest safest easiest troubleshooting methods.