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Joseph Harbison:- I am happy with the support. Ther were great . | Sherry Verduzco:- I noticed a problem with my laptop this morning after notifying cosmiqueglobal they were swift to resolve my issues . | Christine Keesee:- Their support team is awesome . | Duana Peterson:- Tom Foster did a great job on doing the work on my computer and i authorize to put this feedback on the website with my picture . | Walter Barker:-Tom Foster was a huge help in solving my computer issues. Im very pleased with the results. | Claude Goodwin:- I checked my computer it is working fine now its all because of cosmique global tech who worked on it. I am happy and satified with the services i received today . | Greg Gagner:- I am very satisfied with all the assistance I received with my problem . | Margaret Decker:- The work that was done on my computer was done very efficiently. Everything seems great. The technician was polite and helpful . Sandra:-I want to thank everyone that help get my computer back up and running and virus free!! thank you . | Louise Benfey:- I was glad they were able to fix the problem in a few hours thanks . | Ann Jarvis:- I was very satisfied with the service I have received.They were very efficient . | Ann Jarvis:- I was very satisfied with the service I have received.They were very efficient . Stephen Fauchier:- Roy Harper and Tom Foster were excellent, spoke well enough for me to understand them, were of great assistance and I would recommend this service to my friends . | Marianne:- He is a very kind and helpful person and very good in solving any problem. I have had so far . | Kenneth P Marcou:- Both Davids,the one on the phone and the one on line,were very patient with me and the work they did to get me through my problem was very professional,diligent and successful . | Thomas Mc Sharry:- They were very informative and helpful. His explanations were clear and concise . Very helpful . | Josef H Lindsey:- Fantastic and patient customer service. very pleased. thank you . | Janet Smith:- I am very pleased with the work and help i received with my computer . | Steven C Kreis:- Fast and helpful. Being a senior citizen it is difficult to know how to trust on the internet. I pray you guys are real . | Jay L Gannett:- Very professional, great technical support . | Judy:- The technician was nice and helpful. He said if I have additional problems, to call and will be fixed . | John Roach:- My first time that I have used the support. Very nice!!! . | Sabrina A Dockter:- Every one I spoke to was friendly and helpful and they solved the problem within the time they said they would and followed through with what they said they would do. I greatly appreciate everyone's help in this situation . | Frank Moschetto:- Technicians were very knowledgeable and helpful . | Willie D Downing:- Support session was outstanding . | Judy Lunsford:- I liked the way they worked with me to get the problem solved. Thank you for the help . | Fay E Plastino:- Everyone was patient and helpful in explaining things to me. very kind and quickly found the problem . |

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cosmique Global Inc’s 15-Days promise.

Its human nature to make mistakes and even though we take every precaution some problems can be more tricky than expected. Since your satisfaction is the most important to us please let us know in case you are unsatisfied with our service. We will make sure we set things right.
All services and fixes from Cosmique Global Inc come with a 5 day promise of a 100% guaranteed satisfaction. With in these 5 days if the same glitch crops up with your computer after our service call, we will fix it at no additional cost. The most important thing to note here is that our 5 day promise is a rolling guarantee, that means the guarantee resets every time after a service call for the same issue. For example: upon solving an issue with your query, you notice the same problem a few days later, all you have to do is call in again and our experts will reevaluate the problem and our 5 day guarantee resets.
We aim to you happy so if you are not satisfied with your experience for any reason all you need to do is contact us again within 5 business days and we will make sure we set the record right.

What if my issue is not fixable?

With our superior technical assistance we are able to resolve 95% of support issues and glitches that may arise with your computer and technical devices. With our technical heirachy we try and resolve your problem escalating it to higher levels of tech advisors as well as performing extra research so that we are able to come up with a solution.
In case we are unable to solve the issue, we are happy to issue a refund.
In case you have any other questions you just contact us and we would be happy to help you.